Youth Power for Better Future in Bosnia

The idea for this project didn’t start only during the Harmony project „Train the Trainer“– it happened many years before. As a supporting mentor (for sending volunteers) and coordinator for many youth exchange projects, I had a lot of experience working with previous local and international volunteers. Writing and designing a lot of projects and reports for almost ten years has been great, but the Harmony project motivated me to realize my idea: to put one of a kind matching of theory and practice into a seminar on youth exchange projects, which was held over a few days from 17th to 19th November 2021.

When I read Harmony’s invitation message for training in June/July, on the topic „We believe that the peace starts within us“, I didn’t think too much before sending my application; however, attending the HARMONY Project: Train the Trainer program in Tarcin, BiH from 27.06. – 03.07.2021 turned out to be such a great motivation and gave me the idea to create a seminar where I could show participants why youth exchange projects are important for education and better life in Bosnia.

For my event, I thought it was a good idea to collect participants from different backgrounds to improve knowledge about non-formal education and the strong results they can have to express tolerance and solidarity among people. The project had three steps: quality registration, realization, and evaluation.

I am proud I was able to work with all the participants because they understood my theory and they practised in both teams and individually with people from different nationalities, areas, and cultures in Bosnia. It was a great example of the potential for sharing tolerance and solidarities. Every day we had useful activities that we finished with a Gallery of pictures of previous projects from Bosnian volunteers who had done projects abroad. I hope this will continue in the future and we will create a better future for the next generation.

Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) will also continue with these great stories about tolerance, solidarity, and peace-building through youth exchange. I will do my best as coordinator to upgrade new strategies and make more opportunities for young people from Bosnia because they deserve it.

Thanks to our Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) team of international volunteers and my colleague Adin Midzic, who helped me with the organization and gave the support for all of the activities over the three days. Of course, big heart for Sanchild foundation as the main support of my idea.

Miloš Popić, Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) Project officer and voluntary service coordinator


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