World Environment Day

On June 5th, we marked the World Environment Day. It is the most important day of the UN’s promotion of ecological awareness and action in the field of environment protection. The World Environment Day was established at the UN Conference on Human Environment and Environment in Stockholm in 1972.

Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) held a workshop for children aged 4 to 7, where the participants discussed how they can contribute to the protection of their environment, and were asked to respond to certain hypothetical situations about littering that they may face in their daily life. The Daily Coordinator presented the problem, and the participants’ job was to find a solution that was the most environmentally friendly. At the end of the workshop, they made paintings of their favourite places in the city that aren’t heavily polluted.

The second group of participants had a discussion about recycling and the benefits of practicing sustainable waste management. For the creative portion of the workshop, the participants incorporated leaves and other greenery into their pieces of artwork.

The workshops were held in the Youth Centre of Brčko District BiH.




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