World Day of Social Justice 2019

In 2007, the United Nations decided to mark February 20 as the World Social Justice Day since social development is based on justice, solidarity and equality among all countries and within each of them, while social justice, equality and justice constitute fundamental values of every social life.

Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) marked this date with a workshop for the age of 13+, which was hosted by Mirjana Knežević, a democracy professor and a member of the Presidency of the Brčko District Trade Union. The aim of the workshop was to promote the importance of the role of the Trade Union, the protection and rights of workers, and the stability of democracy in society.

Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) also organised methodical workshops adjusted for children from the age of four to seven to render the concepts of social justice and injustice more comprehensible. A number of cookies were distributed among the participants; however, not enough cookies were available for everyone. Through playful interaction they needed to find a solution for the problem, so that at last every single child had a cookie. The target of this workshop was to educate and promote the importance of equality and equal rights.

The International Social Justice Day was also an opportunity to highlight the importance of commitment to goals, such as the development and delivery of new social services for particularly vulnerable social groups and individuals. According to temporary or permanently socially endangered social groups and individuals, a relationship that expresses constant concern about them needs to be further developed to prevent them from being able to feel unhelpful and unprotected members of society.




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