Weltwärts Partner Conference

Daily Coordinator of „Omladinska organizacija Svitac (Firefly) participated in partner conference „Strengthening our networks of weltwärts organisations in the Balkans“ from 21st to 26th of May in Popova Šapka, Tetovo, Macedonia.

The conference topics were vast and they had a lot of covering of sending and hosting responsabilities and identifying chores of both sides. Some of topics were how to improve the application process, how to choose volunteers from various backgrounds, how to provide them with skills needed in their place of assignment, how volunteers can best implement what they learn while abroad upon their return, what if they decide to stay in Germany after the service and how is that affecting the program itself.

The topic about knowledge transfer was one of the main ones (what to do if the coordinator change and how to transfer the knowledge in the most efficient way).

Communication was discussed as well and the proposal was to make a Web platform so the partner organisations can communicate and share documents more efficient.

Emergency crisis plan development was the last point in the conference (how to act in case of emergencies like natural disasters, war or a death in the family).



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