My volunteering at Svitac (Firefly) – David DeRuwe, USA

My name is David and I volunteered in Brčko for one month during summer 2017, a very hot month indeed! Despite the high temperatures, my volunteer experience was quite comfortable. Living conditions were good (a shared house with other volunteers), the work was not difficult, and the people that direct the program were always friendly and responsive to concerns.

The program involves teaching two groups of young children, ages 4-7 and 8-15, each day. A few classes were my responsibility to lead (English mostly), but most days I assisted while others led the class (arts and crafts, music, German, games, etc.). I received some instruction in local language and while I was instructing, someone was always available to translate to students. I also taught a weekly evening adult English conversation course, and there are opportunities to do additional things as desired.

As mentioned above, my experience here was pleasant. I never felt pressured or overextended in any way. Life needs were met and help was available. As such, I would especially recommend volunteering here to someone new to the whole volunteering experience.

David DeRuwe, USA
Svitac (Firefly) volunteer, July/August 2017


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