My volunteering on Cyprus as a Svitac volunteer – Nikola Kerezovic, EVS

“My EVS life on Cyprus was 4 months long. I realised a lot of things. You meet a lot of people similar to yourself, and you realise that a lot of people are using EVS as an escape from something. Escape that is actually a road, and that road I guess we all need to take in our life to understand who and what we are, how much we are worth, and maybe most importantly, where we belong.  I’m taking part of that road through EVS volunteering. So even if we don’t discover all of that, we succeeded if we at least scratch the truth, if we don’t find out who and what are we, at least to find out what we are not, if we don’t find out where we belong, at least to find out where we don’t belong.

Life on Cyprus for me is perfect, climate; people that are not that much different from people from the Balkans. EVS life is not for everyone, but it’s definitely something that I would recommend to everyone. Why is it not for everyone? It’s not easy for someone to get out from his or hers so called comfort zone, it’s not easy for someone to change their country for several months, someone finds it difficult to fall asleep in another bed, imagine falling asleep in a bed that is located in another part of the world. If there is at least a little bit of courage or craziness in someone, EVS is the simple and easy way to try to find out what we are looking for and that could be anything. Indeed you will get a lot of new knowledge, experience that who knows when you can use it for. All you need to be is a little brave or crazy to dare to leave behind your everyday routine. And then when you dare it will become a routine performing tasks that they put in front of you. Actually volunteering is job, you will have commitments, you will be responsible, but in the end it is still volunteering.

It’s all up to you and how will you take it, my advice is workshops that you will do adjust to what you love to do, so even when you do it, you will do it with joy.

Every day that passes you will have at least one smile, positive thoughts to occupy your mind, and that road that we take every day, road of life will become much easier to pass.”


Nikola Kerezovic, EVS volunteer, Svitac





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