Our People

Gordana Varcakovic3Gordana Varcaković is the Director of Omladinska organizacija Svitac (Firefly Bosnia). From 1999 to 2002 she managed a team of up to 13 employees, coordinated general administration as well as budgets, and motivated and promoted the group and individual work. Currently, she is a managing team of 3 permanent Svitac employees, 5 local and 5 international long-term volunteers.

Gordana has also run courses in the English Language for children and young people. In 2001, she coordinated a project facilitating the re-integration of children from the Roma community into Brčko schools, in co-operation with the schools, UNDP and municipality.

She coordinated a multi-ethnic festival in Brčko in 1999 — the first multi-ethnic event in Brčko since the war — creating the programme, choosing groups to participate, and getting OHR and Municipality approval. She has been in charge of the Svitac’s overall development as a local NGO since June 2003.





Miloš Popić is the Project Officer and Voluntary Service Coordinator. He joined Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) in 2012.  His primary responsibilities are coordinating and mentoring, designing, planning, participating and deploying seminars, training and youth exchange projects. He is also responsible for coaching sending/hosting volunteers to overcoming the obstacles that might occur during their volunteering experience. He applies multiple techniques and methods of the non-formal education system with excellent results.

Regarding peacebuilding in the local area, he is one of the coordinators for the network “Promote Positive” who is fighting against all shapes of hate speech in Brčko District which is supported by the mission OSCE for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Miloš enjoys organizing sports activities in his free time. He applies these activities to form relationships with international volunteers and local youth to break down barriers, culture shock and redirect negative energy to a positive experience.

In 2012 Miloš graduated at the University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Economics Brčko of the District, Department of Business Informatics.




EdinaEdina Vošanović is Coordinator of the youth centre activities. She joined Omladinska organizacija Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) in Brčko 2007. She is also Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) representative at the Brčko District Youth Centre, in addition to being in charge of the coordination of ongoing activities, summer arts and crafts camps, administrative support, local and international volunteers. In 2012 Edina graduated at the University of Tuzla from the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of German Language and Literature.









SanjinSanjin Vošanović is Music Coordinator and Summer Music Camps Coordinator. He joined Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) in 2006 after taking part in the Balkan Invasion project, which brought musicians from Brčko to Scotland to play alongside Edinburgh-based musicians. Apart from coordinating short film festivals, summer music camps and running guitar and samba workshops, Sanjin works with international volunteers and provides support for them to start and develop their own music projects in the local community.