About Us

Svitac is a multi-ethnic youth arts organisation in based in Brčko, in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1998 we have worked in Brčko applying creative arts and education activities to encourage reconciliation within the community following the devastating mid-1990s Bosnian war that the land has yet to really recover from. We are doing this all while strengthening local youth’s connection to the rest of the world, supporting them in their personal growth and letting them indulge their creativity.

We know from experience that working on shared interests can help strengthen a community as a whole, and overcome perceived boundaries between peoples or with their environment, through positive communication, friendship, education and the arts.

We organise a wide variety of workshops throughout the year, focusing on arts and education and also organise summer camps for the children of Brčko every year.

We are supported by a number of international partners, in particular by a close partnership with Firefly International in the United Kingdom.

We are also supported by volunteers from around the world and always looking for interested, motivated volunteers to join our team for some time in Brčko!