The cruel reality for refugees

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“By the definition on Wikipedia; a refugee is a person who has been forced to leave own country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.

But we don’t think this definition gives itself justice. We can’t feel the pain through these words. The thought of feeling threatened in the place that should be considered the safest place on Earth, your home, shakes us to the core. We don’t hear enough support going towards these people which scares us a lot. They are people who, in most cases, lost absolutely everything but not by their fault. Somebody else’s consequences for their actions are infecting them. Destroying innocent lives should be the hardest job in the world, but it looks like many people reject empathy for their own path made of gold.

By writing this we are trying to say – We are with you. The youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina is sending you big hugs and wants you to know that someone is always thinking of you. Keep fighting and one day you will win. And when the times comes – we will fight with you.”

Diana and Marija, 18 years old Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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“We have seen a lot of news about refugees: a lot of them are drowning trying to get to Europe, countries are having more and more refugees, they are shutting down there boarders.

Even though some citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina used to be refugees not so long ago, they still aren’t sympathizing enough with refugees.

War is truly something terrible.

It’s an event that forces people to migrate from their own country looking for a place that they can call home, even though they are going to call it home, it is never going to be truly there home, there will always be empty space in their heart.

Refugees are risking their lives to escape the war.

Hard times bring best and worst in people, people without empathy are just going to exploit refugees to gain personal benefits, but contrary to them there are people that are going to do everything in their power to help refugees.

We are not writing this to address this kind of people, we are writing this to address people who just ignore the refugees thinking it is not their problem or thing is going to solve itself.

In conclusion, we think that of all the recent tragedies we have been through, the migration crisis is one that we could control. We’re not able to control an earthquake, but we can solve a conflict. We cannot stop a tsunami, but we can offer shelter for the ones in need. We can not solve the hunger in the world, but we can share what we have.

We may not be able to prevent every tragedy from happening, but we have the power to change our community into a net of good people.”

Hajrudin and Jovana, 17 years old


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