Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) music

After protective measures, regarding COVID-19, have been eased at the beginning of June, we were able to continue with weekly musical activities in the Youth centre in Brčko, following regulations and instructions given by the authorities regarding group gatherings, activities outdoors and indoors.

Guitar workshop participants were practising on the selection of etudes they have worked on before, as well as on new etudes, shorter and longer pieces of songs of their choice, practising fingerings, scales, improvisation and learning music theory according to their current knowledge and abilities.
Some of these activities are still held on-line.

Samba percussion group was able to gather at the Youth centre and play music together. Most of the workshop in June and July time was dedicated to socializing while playing through well-known samba tunes” Samba Reggae” “Funk”. “Batuccada” etc. Also, the group played through some of its own compositions and started to work on new ideas using improvisation as a starting point, while incorporating electric and bass guitar as a base for composing.