Three camps took place from 24th to 28th August and Children’s Day on 29th August in the Youth Centre. Summer camps included Creative, Language and Music camps. Workshops were held every day from Monday to Friday and each workshop lasted 2 and a half hours.


  • Creative camp – The creative camp implemented 5 themes during the week: Under the sea, Orange Day, Animal Planet, Super Heroes and Green Planet. The participants of different ethnicities had a chance to work together in a neutral space, make different interesting art items from diverse and recycling materials and to learn about new interesting topics. The final result of the Creative camp activities was the exhibition and ecology quiz on the poster.The participants had the opportunity to learn more about flora and fauna in rivers and the sea through a presentation, conversation and socializing, the appearance of mini-hydropower plants and why are they dangerous for our environment; they spoke about the protection of nature and how to preserve natural resources. Through the discussion, they marked Orange Day, the day of the fight against violence against girls and women. The participants pointed out the increased number of violence against women in families and identified Safe Houses in BiH and SOS numbers. Since this is a very serious topic, the team used working methods which were adapted to the age of the participants. During the workshop “Animal day”, they accompanied three dogs from the dog shelter. The participants were taught the correct approach to dogs, proper nutrition and their needs. The group also paid attention to Superheroes from real life – a topic that has been very attractive in the last few months. Because of the COVID-19 situation, they were able to identify true heroes such as doctors, nurses, cashiers or utility workers, who disinfected our town every day and night during the lockdown. The last day of the camp the participants dealt with ecology and the green planet and showed on their cardboard and plastic robot how waste for recycling can be put to good use.
  • Language camp – Participants of the language camp had the opportunity to attend workshops in English, German and Turkish. During the workshops, they learned and improved their vocabulary related to summer, household, clothes, sports and colours. They worked on the “Garden of Gratitude”, where the word ‘Thank you’ is written in several foreign languages in the shape of a flower. It was a nice change from everyday routine for everyone and it was very dynamic and motivating for participants. The coordinators of the language camp were Zorana Nemček and Kristina Varcaković while assistants were local volunteers (Semina Hadžić, Merima Hidanović, Nejra Ibrišimović and Katarina Mirković) and international volunteers (Dicle Girgin and Servet Bilmez).
  • Music camp – The camp coordinator was Sanjin Vošanović and three local volunteers (Adin Midžić, Predrag Jovanović and Ahmed Avdić) participated in preparing and leading parts of everyday workshops. In the first half of the week, participants were mainly playing on samba instruments, creating and composing their own composition out of short musical ideas and rhythmical motifs. The composition was named “Call of Beauty”. In the middle of the week recording process was started, along with writing lyrics on the question “How bread is made?”. Before writing lyrics the technique of group brainstorming was used to start to write first lines. Participants were encouraged to think of not just ingredients for the dough but the whole process (from preparing the land and seeding grains through watering, protecting plants, harvesting, transportation, grinding, sifting, making dough to baking and getting a final eatable product). The accent was on the human mind as an initiator in this process, along with work and cooperation amongst groups of people and individuals through many generations. A work that is necessary to bring various kinds of pastries to our tables. As audio recording process was done on Thursday it was decided to play through “Call of Beauty” (groups own composition) on Friday gluing it with lyrics of a song “Buka u Modi” (Disciplina Kitschme) and singing one verse of the song as a break. A lot of time was dedicated to audio and video editing throughout the week. Using stock footage video following audio was made and posted on Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) official Facebook page:
  • Children’s Day – Children’s Day was held on 29th August outside the Youth centre. The program started at 12:00 and parents and friends of the camps’ participants were able to see what they learned in the previous 5 days of the camps. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) team has planned a mini party for the participants, their siblings and parents. Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) music camp recorded and performed the song “How is bread made”. The Creative camp’s participants have presented the five topics they have been working on and had an exhibition of art items with beautiful decorations. The Language camp sang a song about ten angry pirates and did posters to present their week of learning English, Turkish and German. During the day all visitors were able to play various competitive games, to experience face painting and got nice and useful presents for school during Bingo (tombola). Red Cross donated 100 face masks for summer camps’ participants.

                   Total participants summer camps: 60       

                   Total participants Children’s Day: 80




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