“Promoting Positive” Network – International Peace Day 2017

Representatives of the “Promoting Positive” Network with colleagues from Banja Luka, Teočak, Doboj and Tuzla, marked the International Day of Peace in Brcko on September 21, 2017. On this occasion they also had meetings with the mayor of the Brcko District, and representatives of the Brcko Police Department of BiH.

The “Promoting Positive” network has been present in Brčko for three years and brings together non-governmental organizations promoting tolerance, positive thinking and coexistence in the Brcko District and beyond. As a member of this network Svitac (Firefly) assisted in the organization of the Peace Day event. Representing Svitac (Firefly), Milos Popic and Macedonian EVS volunteer Vlatko Mirceski attended the program. In addition to the Brcko Network there are 31 other networks throughout BiH and all serve as outstanding advocates for positive social values.

Our network in the Brcko District was highlighted as a positive example for others, and it was for this reason that we played host to other networks in Brcko. Members of the networks organized an exchange of views and suggestions on joint activities. One of the suggestion by other networks was an increase in the amount of positive cooperation between Svitac (Firefly) and local authorities and the Brcko District Police. As a final act we at the Brcko District Youth Center celebrated the day of peace through the creation of a panel where young people wrote their individual messages about peace and cooperation.




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