Our Volunteering in Şanlıurfa (Turkey)

Hello everyone!
We are Meliha and Nafira from Tuzla/Bosnia and Herzegovina. We volunteered in Way of Volunteer in the organisation GAP Gençlik Derneği in Şanlıurfa (Turkey) from 20/01/2021 to 19/03/2021

This was our first ESC (European Solidarity Corpse) project. We are Bachelors of Turkish Language and Literature and during our studies, we had the opportunity to visit many Turkish cities. But we didn’t have a lot of information about Şanlıurfa. Şanlıurfa is really amazing city. We fell in love with this city.

During our project, we worked with Syrian refugees (children and youth work). We provided English classes for teenagers, beginners and advanced students. Working with Syrian children in a kindergarten was a special pleasure for us. During the English classes with teenage students, we realised where Turkish students have difficulties when they are learning English and we tried to help them with those difficulties. Thanks to this project we learned how to plan and organise workshops.

We learned more about Turkish culture, tradition and history. Also, we made some new friends. It was a really beautiful experience for us. Don’t miss this opportunity!

We would like to thank the GAP Youth Association, Omladinska organizacija Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) and Miloš (sending mentor), who gave us the opportunity to live these beautiful moments. We didn’t believe we were going to say this but we will miss you Urfa!

See you next time Urfa



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