„One vision of a common future – environmental issues in Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina”

Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) held on the 10th of March a workshop about environmental issues in Germany and Bosnia Herzegovina in the agricultural and medical high school in Brčko District. The workshop was a part of student exchange project Germany/BiH and was prepared and coordinated by Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) international volunteer from Germany Hannah Külper, a local student from Brčko Amila Duraković and Edina Vošanović (Svitac/Firefly Bosnia’s staff).

At the beginning of the workshop, the students watched the video “Dear Future Generations“ in order to introduce the topic.

After the video they were split up into five groups of seven people; each group consisted of students from Germany and Bosnia; they got a chance to create a dialogue and warm-up for the next task.

The groups discussed environmental issues and read short information about clogged rivers in Bosnia Herzegovina, air pollution in Sarajevo, deforestation, impacts of food on the environment and fast fashion. Afterwards, the groups got a text with questions. Their task was to read the text and prepare a short presentation with the answers about the text and their personal opinion.

After the presentations, high school students had the chance to discuss possibilities to prevent these environmental issues, what they are already doing and what their struggles are. They also have compared how the government and the citizens of Germany and BiH deal with these issues. In the end, the students gave short feedback and received a little challenge for sustainability in the future. The workshop was attended by 35 students in total.


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