Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) held an annual event “The New Year’s Party” on December 13th and ended the “Tolerance and Cultural Diversity through music, art and sport” project. It was a great event with parents, friends, music, games, and lots of laughter!

The event started at 6pm with a program for both the participants and their friends and parents. There was a classical guitar performance, flute performance and read poems by young people about friendship, tolerance and human rights. The children aged 4-7 sang the song in German “Alle meine Entchen” (“All my little ducklings”), song in English “I have got peace in my heart”, local song “Kroz oblake sanke lete” (“Trough clouds Santa’s sledge flies”) and they have performed a dance “Šapice mi zeko daj” (“Give me the paws bunny”) on stage.

When the opening of the event was over, the parents have left their children to enjoy a number of games and arts and crafts. For the children aged 4-7 and 8+ there was arts and crafts – making Christmas cards as well as a game station where participants played diverse competitive games.

After the activities, everyone was invited back into the main room for a new year’s Bingo, where all the participants got a present when their number was called out. The event ended with refreshments when participants had the opportunity to talk, meet new friends and enjoy the party.

Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) New Year’s Party was attended over 120 participants and guests and was made possible with the support of its staff, local and international volunteers, and all participants.




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