International Day of Human Rights 2019

On December 10th, we celebrated International Human Rights Day with a workshop where we talked about human rights to participants from 4-7 years old. An energizer emphasized the importance of equality and the same opportunities by showing them that it is unfair when some children get juice and some do not. In a conversation, they learned that it is also their responsibility to help each other in order to maintain human rights, fairness and respect. Afterwards, they were given a worksheet to colour it, showing a balloon filled with hot air with the words “our rights” in which there were many different children. This worksheet emphasized that all children, of all races and religions, can live and play together. On the back of the page, they learned the letters which together form the word “human”.

An interactive workshop for the age 15+ was also held in the afternoon. They watched a video about how human rights have evolved so far and what challenges they have faced. Finally, a brief discussion followed about how human rights affect us in our daily lives.

The workshops were held on the premises of the Youth Center.




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