Intercultural exchange event

During the week of tolerance in Brčko, on the 30th of November and the 1st of December, the Association of High School students of Bosnia and Herzegovina organized a student exchange between students from Modriča and Brčko. During the event, a group of high school students from Modriča came to Brčko to connect with local high school students and attend several workshops.

Svitac (Firefly) was invited to participate in the event and held an intercultural exchange in the afternoon of December 1st. During this intercultural exchange our international volunteers Florian, Fabia, and Wouter gave a presentation about their culture and country or city.

In addition, the attendants were shown examples of tolerance and intolerance in the Netherlands, Germany, and Berlin. The students were asked to give their opinions on the examples, as well as share their own stories about how their lives are affected by (in)tolerance. To close the event, Svitac gave an English CV-workshop, providing the students with some practical tips on how to make a CV, what a CV should include, and what mistakes to avoid.

This weekend’s exchange event allowed the participants to interact with peers who were born and raised in different parts of the country (Brčko District and Republika Srpska). Events like these contribute to building and maintaining tolerance amongst the young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We would like to thank all participants from Modriča and Brčko for a great afternoon!




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