Svitac organised Halloween entertainment for children from the territory of the Brcko District of BiH, on 28.10.2016 in the Youth Centre of Brcko.

The Halloween entertainment consisted of two parts:

The first part of the Halloween fun was intended for the youngest participants (4-7 years). They were given the opportunity to come to the centre in costume and enjoy the “Mini-cinema” feel, by watching Halloween themed cartoons, on the large screen projector. After this they played games and enjoyed the snacks and refreshments that were provided. Children, who did not have costumes, were offered the chance to have their face painted by an international volunteer.

The second part of the Halloween entertainment was a party held in the evening from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. It consisted of three parts and was designed for the 8 years+ children. At the beginning of the party, international volunteers had the task of choosing what they believed were the ten best hand-made costumes, out of all of the children that attended. Each chosen child was given a number and the rest of the children could vote for the best hand-made costume throughout the duration of the party.

The main entertainment at the party consisted of three stations, which were prepared by Sladjana, local and international volunteers from the UK and Germany. The first station included musical chairs, the second station included face painting, a Mystery box guessing game and a “Haunted House” photo boot, and the third station included apple bobbing, cookie on a string and the hidden sweets in flour game. There were local and international volunteers on each station. International volunteers lead the games and local volunteers rotated and coordinated children through the stations. Each station lasted for 20 minutes and each group of children was able to try all of the stations and games.

Throughout the evening, Svitac daily coordinator,Sladjana, collected all of the children’s votes for their favourite costume (in a “Halloween box”) and after finishing all the games at the 3 stations, the children gathered for the costume winner announcement.

After the announcement, for the final part of the party, children had an opportunity to enjoy different refreshments and specialties made by international volunteers and Firefly staff. The special “Halloween snacks” included “Ghost cookies”, “Spider web cake”, “Mini pumpkins”, “Meringues-strange eyes”, and “Spooky biscuits”. Alongside having refreshments, the children were able to have fun, dance and socialise with each other. During the day the Halloween Party attracted about 120 participants.