EVS (European Voluntarily Service) – meeting in Sarajevo

The meeting for EVS accredited organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro was held in Sarajevo on the 18th and 19th of May. Dina Vošanović and Miloš Popić were the representatives from Omladinska organizacija Svitac (Firefly), which has been an accredited partner since 2007, and was the most long standing and experienced organization present at the event.

The aims of the meeting were: to support organizations through an exchange of experiences and challenges faced in implementing EVS; to inform organizations about the support systems offered by SALTO SEE and Contact point for Erasmus+ YIA in BIH and Montenegro; to support networking between organizations and to inform organizations about the novelties in E+ for the future. This meeting was also attended by several organizations that have recently started EVS projects, so the timetable also included information on the full implementation of EVS, for example, Hosting/Sending and Coordinating role, Project life cycle and internal support system in the organizations such as task division.

The meeting was facilitated by two trainers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and supported by Andrej Troha, representative of SALTO SEE, two representatives of Contact Points in BIH and Montenegro (Proni Brčko and ADP –Zid from Podgorica) and representative of Slovenian National Agency, who is in charge for EVS.

This meeting was beneficial for all further engagement in E+ EVS projects.



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