European “Day of Languages”

Omladinska organizacija Svitac (Firefly), in correlation with Glossa – Center for the German language Brčko, celebrated the European “Day of Languages.”

On the 26th of September from 2 to 4pm the doors of the Brčko Youth Center were open to everyone interested in participating in fun and creative language workshops.

Native speakers taught English, German and Turkish to over 40 participants.

By playing and learning together in this multi-lingual atmosphere children had the opportunity to learn basic German and Turkish vocabulary on such topics as autumn and pets, while with English they completed puzzles and crosswords teaching the English names for various everyday foods.

After the workshops had wrapped up there was a screening of two movies in German, a cartoon- Die Ratatouille Maus – at 17:30 and a Film – Fack ju Göhte – at 19:30 for age 16+.




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