Eco camp – ECO KUL(TURA)

Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) has implemented, in cooperation with the EU Infocenter and the Association of Nature Lovers, a two-days ecological camp (July 30 and July 31, 2019) at the mountain hut “Granaš” – St. Bernard in Gornji Zovik (a village near Brčko town), for young people aged 15+.

Within the camp, ecological, educational workshops were held with experienced lecturers with topics on environmental protection, mountaineering, wildlife in BiH, and raising awareness of mine risk.

Young people had the opportunity to listen to lectures on “Traveling Europe Safely”, “Hiking on the world’s most famous peaks”, “Forests and Environmental Protection” and “Endangered flora and fauna” and “The safety of cyclists in traffic”.

They also participated in one of the more famous mountain hikes on Majevica Mountain, in an interactive team workshop, and had the opportunity to try out skills in an adrenaline park.
Participants: 28



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