21st March – Svitac (Firefly) Against Racism 2017

Every year Svitac (Firefly) takes part in the ‘European Action Week’ ran by ‘United for Intercultural Action’, which is an initiative to encourage organisations, from across the whole of Europe, to devise and run public activities and events for International Day Against Racism, 21st March.

This year, on Monday 20th March 2017, Svitac (Firefly) held a series of discussion and creative workshops for the three different age groups that it engages with: 4-7 years, 8-15 years, and 16+ years.

All workshops covered the themes of racism, prejudice and discrimination and were adapted to suit the relevant age groups. Each workshop explored how, throughout history and in today’s society, artists, musicians and writers have used their own creativity to fight against the injustice of racism and prejudice.

The youngest age group was taught about the famous child’s story “The Ugly Duckling”. They made lots of little unique ducklings for a group poster and learned how we should never judge a person by their appearance.

The 8- 15 years and 16+ years age groups both learned more about different historical and current issues of racism and prejudice across the world, and also about the many different artists and musicians that have protested these issues.

Both groups created their own anti-racism artworks inspired by the artists they had learned about.

The day’s workshops were well attended and received, all participants really engaged with the workshop’s content and produced great artworks.

As always, Svitac (Firefly) was very glad to take part in ‘European Action Week’ for International Day Against Racism, and looks forward to taking part again next year.

Total participants: 47

Eleonore Pearson, Svitac (Firefly) EVS volunteer



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