My volunteering at Svitac – Vanessa Brumen

“It is now almost 6 months ago that I came to Brcko and to Svitac. Long before I discovered Svitac, I had been thinking of going to Bosnia to life there for some time. Since I came to Brcko I never felt homesick – staff and volunteers are really welcoming and helpful, as well the kids who make you feel you are their best friend from the very first moment. Working in this positive and friendly environment is a real pleasure. During my time here I started an Italian Workshops for adults, taught German to adults, did some Arts and Crafts with the kids and I also taught basic English and German to the children. I was part of some annual events as Spring Festival, Anti-Racism Day, Summer Camps, Future Shorts and Children’s Day. I really got to love Svitac, Brcko and Bosnia and I’m really glad of this experience and I’m sure it isn’t my last time in Brcko.”


Vanessa Brumen, Austria

Svitac Volunteer, March-August 2016




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