My volunteering at Svitac (Firefly) – Şeref Çalış, Turkey

My name is Seref, and I am currently studying Computer Programming at Pamukkale University in Turkey. On Facebook I saw European Voluntary pages and I started to research what they were after reading some information. I wanted to be a part of this program after seeing the opportunity in Brčko. I really wanted to be a volunteer there, and went for 6 months. The first day was challenging for me because I had never been abroad before. After a few weeks, I felt that Brčko became my home throughout the 6 months.

During my volunteer program in Brčko, I had lots of new experiences. My responsibility was working with kids in two different age groups: 4-7 and 8-14. We organized Art and English workshops for kids. I also worked with local people by sharing information about Turkish culture and tradition, I really enjoyed preparing for Summer Camp and for Halloween. This program helped me understand different cultures and traditions.

I participated in Bosnian language courses, which helped me to communicate with kids. It also made my life in Brčko better because I became more social from this opportunity. I met other volunteers in Bosnia during the seminars and courses, and I traveled around Bosnia to see the beautiful history and nature.

I would like to thank the Svitac (Firefly), organization who hosted me in Brčko, for supporting me when there were issues, giving me this opportunity to work with kids, improve my skills, and enjoying everything together.

Şeref Çalış, Turkey
Svitac (Firefly) volunteer, July-December 2017


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