VISIT TO NEFF 2018 – Nürnberg, Germany

Activists from the NEFF organization in Nürnberg, Germany, Hertha Steinmaier and Christine Mößner, have invited representatives of the Youth Organization Svitac (Firefly), Edina and Sanjin Vošanović, to visit NEFF in Nürnberg in order to promote and present Svitac’s (Firefly’s) peacebuilding and tolerance work.

Besides diverse meetings and promotion, Edina and Sanjin got the chance to create a dialogue and discuss the everyday difficulties and challenges in working with children and youth of different ethnicities.

Presentation of the work of the Youth Organization Svitac (Firefly) was held during the week at the Peace Museum, Secondary School Center and at St. Jobst.

In addition to this, Edina and Sanjin had the opportunity to participate in an interactive human rights workshop organized by the representatives of NEFF and primary school teachers.

The promotion and presentations were held between the 9th and 13th of July 2018.




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