Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) Project Report – February 2019


Staff: Gordana Varcaković, Dina Vošanović, Miloš Popić, Sanjin Vošanović

Local volunteers: Adin Midžić, Merima Hidanović, Ines Močević, Aldina Pezerović, Nadia Selimi, Mehmed Hidanović

‘Weltwearts’ volunteers: Florian Pauleck, Fabia Stroetmann

‘EVS/ESC’ volunteers: Halil Kutlu, Halil Bodurer, Dominik Sujka                  



  • Culture and Art Diversity around the World – includes Language, Art&Crafts, Music, Drama, and Sports workshops from Monday to Friday
    • Standard Language workshops – English and German
      • English – standard English language workshops for teenagers and young people
      • German – standard German language workshops for teenagers and young people
    • Conversational Language workshops – English, German, Turkish
      • I love English – conversational English workshops for teenagers and young people
      • “Lasst uns Deutsch sprechen!“ (“Let’s speak German”) – conversational German workshops for teenagers and young people
      • Let’s speak Turkish – conversational Turkish workshops for teenagers and young people
    • Art&Crafts workshops – practical arts and crafts workshops for children and teenagers
    • Music workshops – samba, guitar, music workshops for children and young people
    • Sports workshops – for teenagers and young people
    • Drama workshops – for teenagers and young people
  • Local language lessons for international volunteers



  • This month was busy with several new projects and celebrations for different international days. The work returned to its usual rhythm, while we were simultaneously developing new things to work on. International volunteers have also been doing a lot of different daily activities and they focused on different things (fundraising, promotion of the organization through social media etc.).
  • About 133 participants regularly attended Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) activities in February. Participants were aged between 4 and 40 years old. The youngest and the oldest participants attended Culture and Art Diversity around the World workshops and English/German workshops for adults.
    • Younger group – They made a pencil holders out of paper, plastic figurines and read the stories of Brother Grimm. They learned to write and pronounce letters Č, Ć and D in local languages, maths and new words in English and German related to music and friendship. They learned new songs “Do-Re-Mi” and “Baby shark” in local language, and then had an opportunity to play games related to rhythm. Highlight with the younger group were workshops prepared for International Social Justice Day.
    • Older group – They made cards for Valentine’s Day and various sea life creatures. In the Language Workshops, the group learned new words related to democracy, tolerance, team building and practiced small talk in English, German, Spanish and Turkish. In the Music Workshops the group created some music using a free program called “Music Chrome lab”. The participants played a lot of volleyball, basketball and team spirit games. The highlight with the older group was a workshop related to Mother Language Day.



  • In February, Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) very much appreciated collaborating with 5 international volunteers: two ‘Weltwärts’ volunteers from Germany and three EVS/ESC volunteers from Turkey and Germany.
  • Sending EVS/ESC and ‘Weltwärts’ – Three volunteers from Bosnia are doing their ‘Weltwärts’ and EVS/ESC service in Germany and Spain (12 months).



  • Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) representatives continued to attend regular monthly meetings with the youth centre coordinator and the other NGOs based in Brčko. The purpose of the last meeting was to share information about activities and plans for February and discuss activities scheduled to take place in the Youth Centre.
  • Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) staff attended workshops “Road-map for Journalism” organized by the Youth Media Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ONAuBiH). The theme of the workshop was “(No)information and representation of young people in the field of media” while the goal of the workshop was to bring closer and educate young people in the field of media and journalism.
  • Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) representatives participated in the 3rd training within the seminar entitled “Peace Building and Promotion of Social Cohesion”, held in Tuzla. The seminar is being held within the framework of the project “Dialogue for the Future”, implemented by UNICEF, UNESCO and UNDP in partnership with the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goal of the dialogue platform is to encourage communities to discuss challenges and common solutions to problems through mutual cooperation. Interactive workshops were held this time on the topic: non-violent overcoming of conflicts, stress strategies and stress management, and the development of cooperation, teamwork and social cohesion.
  • Svitac’s (Firefly Bosnia’s) staff attended the meeting with the Mayor of the Brčko District of BiH, Siniša Milić, as a member of the “Promote Positively” Network, an association established with the aim of promoting positive values in the local community through preventive efforts to prevent incidents of motivated prejudices and hate crimes. The Mayor expressed his satisfaction with the active work of non-governmental organizations and the engagement of all individuals who contributed in this way to emphasize the promotion of tolerance and the fight against all forms of discrimination in our community.