The New Year’s Party was our big finale event and official closing of the “Tolerance and cultural diversity through music, art and sports in 2017” project. The New Year’s Party was held at the Youth center and organized with the support of international and local volunteers, alongside Svitac’s (Firefly’s) staff.

The event started at 6pm with a program for the guests, friends and parents. The music project participants performed compositions on flute and classical guitars, the group aged 4-7 years sang a song in local language, two children did recitation for two winter poems in English and the international and local volunteers were singing together the song “Let it snow”.

The international Weltwaerts and EVS volunteers from Turkey and Germany organized two different stations with competition games and a craft activity called “Tree of wishes” and postcards making.

There was also an exhibition, in the main hall of the Youth center, for the parents and friends to see. The exhibition included beautiful decorations and art works that the participants had created during the Tolerance project.

After the station activities there was a game of Bingo for all participants and their friends, everyone received a present when their number was called out. The last part of the New Year’s Party was the refreshment break in the hall of the Youth center.

Svitac (Firefly) staff, international and local volunteers ensured that the event was carried through successfully.
New Year’s Party attracted about 120 participants.



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