International Peace Day

On September 21, Svitac (Firefly Bosnia) celebrated, along with members of the environmental team and volunteers from Slovenia and Germany, International Peace Day.

In the town square, we asked the citizens of Brcko District what peace means for them, and on the way to the Ficibajer picnic area, we cleared the trail and showed that “it is not our garbage, but it is our city”.

The second part of the workshop was also held outdoors (Ficibajer picnic area); we talked there about the importance of peace and security in the world, and made a poster with peace messages and a chain of white paper doves, which we left as a peace message.

The young people once again showed the importance of peace and a healthy, preserved environment, and emphasized that peace and nature are a bridge between us and the future.

For the youngest participants, a workshop was organized in which they were tasked with recognizing the sign of peace, which was presented on the board, and learning about the meaning of the dove of peace. The second task was to learn the English phrase “We want peace”. At the end of the workshop, they did a creative part by colouring an official worksheet from the UN General Assembly, which was adapted to the age of participants.