International Day of Youth

To mark the occasion of International Day of Youth on August 10th, Svitac (Firefly) organized special creative workshops for their two groups of young participants, with the aim of promoting the importance of youth support and mutual understanding.

Four members of “Lokalni tim ASuBiH Brčko” organised an activity for the younger group of participants. They represented themselves as popular superheroes known to the children. The aim of this presentation was for all of them to tell a story about how they help the local community of Brčko. Afterwards they had a discussion about how the small participants can be their sidekicks and help their local community in small steps, starting at home. As they grow up, hopefully they will remember our local coordinators and the young people from ASuBiH as role models and can join them as well one day in improving the local community.

The afternoon group learned youth speech “Slang”. They learned German and American terms from our international volunteers. They also taught the international volunteers local “Slang” words. Then they had the opportunity to listen to international volunteers speak about how they spent their time as youth and afterwards had a small ice cream party.




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