Brčko District’s first parliament of youth

On November 27th, Svitac (Firefly) was invited to attend Brčko District’s first parliament of youth as a part of the week of tolerance in Brčko District. The event was attended by students from primary schools, secondary schools, and universities. In addition to the students, several representatives from NGOs such as Svitac (Firefly) and Vermont were in attendance.

During the event the participants were able to ask critical questions to local politicians with regards to their schooling system, the available facilities, and the issues they are facing. The goal of the debate was to engage the young people of Brčko District in the local politics and give them a chance to be Brčko youth’s voice in parliament.

The event was organized by a local network called ‘Promote Positive’, with the support of the OSCE mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event was covered by local news crews and attended on Svitac’s (Firefly’s) behalf by local coordinator Miloš Popić, and international volunteers Florian Pauleck and Wouter Pels.




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