8th International Week of Peace in Sanski Most, BiH

Adin Midzic participated, on behalf of Omladinska organizacija Svitac (Firefly), the seminar called “8th International Week of Peace”, which was held in Sanski Most.

The organization who was in charge of the event and who invited Svitac (Firefly) to take part in it is called “Centar za izgradnju mira/CIM” (Center for Peacebuilding).

50 participants, who were contributing to piece building in Bosnia and Herzegovina, attended the seminar.

The main goal was to exchange contacts and ideas for the future collaborations on projects.

There was a workshop where participants, who were working in neighboring towns, were working in the group on identifying which the main problems were in their society, which is disturbing the peace process in our country.

Adin Midzic (who represented Svitac/Firefly) was also contributing by sharing his experience of working on peacebuilding through non-formal education with children and young people  in Svitac(Firefly).




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